DOOM Beta Preview

When Bethesda announced DOOM at E3 2015, there was something about it that didn’t pique my interest. I think the problem was the setting in which they were showing it off. Most live gameplay demos seem to grant the play invincibility so as not to embarrass the player or make the game look bad. The problem for me is doing just that makes it look bad in my eyes. The game just seemed to easy, and DOOM never struck me as a game for the casuals.

But after a weekend-long multiplayer beta, my opinion has shifted. I never really played the old Doom games so I didn’t go into the beta as a huge fan of the series. What I did go in as is a huge fan of multiplayer shooters. Which as of late there has been a drought on consoles. DOOM fills that void nicely all while bringing a new flavor to the genre.

DOOM isn’t your average shooter. And even though the multiplayer is being developed by Certain Affinity, it feels nothing like Halo. The most drastic differences are the health, ammo, and armor pickups. A staple in the Doom series but a far cry from your typical shooter nowadays. Combined with the fact that there isn’t a sprint button, DOOM feels like nothing else in recent years. Which in my book, is a good thing.

After a few matches of DOOM I was reminded of my time with Rainbow Six Siege. The gameplay is completely different of course, but it was the nature of the shooter that caught my attention. They are both unordinary shooters in an industry filled with copy and paste sequels. If you want something new, something different, something fun, you should be playing DOOM.

The beta offered two maps (Heatwave and Infernal), two mods (TDM and Warpath), and one Demon (Revenant). Both maps were very balanced and featured tons of different paths to get around. The double jump feature, combined with lifts and teleporters, turns every map into a jungle of pathways. Team-Deathmatch is played with six-man teams and up to 75 kills. That may seem like a lot, but the speed of the matches makes them go by fairly quickly. Warpath on the other hand is an interesting take on the King of the Hill game mode. Both teams battle over control of the hill, but the twist is that the hill is constantly moving in a circle around the map. There’s also a dotted line showing the path of the hill so all players will know exactly where it’s going at all times. This makes for a very fun game mode although I wish players had to stay in the hill to control it. Instead you simply have to capture it and then protect it while it moves.

The weapons in DOOM feel very different than your typical loadout. That especially rings true when you decide to equip a Rocket Launcher as your primary weapon. The Heavy Assault Rifle is the closest you’ll get to a standard FPS gun. Others that seems familiar have a unique twist. The Vortex Rifle (sniper) for example is more powerful the longer you ADS. Or the Static Cannon that charges a meter as the player moves and shoots a powerful beam once fully charged.

DOOM is a very fun multiplayer shooter that stands out from the pack. I wasn’t convinced by the singleplayer showing at E3 2015, but the multiplayer beta alone has me excited. With the Open Beta announced for April 15th, I highly recommend giving it a try if you aren’t sure about the game.I for one will be fragging enemies left and right and causing demon havok on May 13th.

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