My “If I Get a PS4” List

As a one console gamer, I’ve always felt it wasn’t worth my money to own two consoles. I just know if I owned two that one would inevitably get neglected over time. But on the off chance I do end up getting a PlayStation 4, here are the games that I would pick up first.

No Man’s Sky (June, 2016)


I’m still not sold on the gameplay of No Man’s Sky. I can’t shake the feeling that if I were to play this game I’d be bored after a few hours. The funny thing is I enjoy plenty of games that don’t have direction. Ark: Survival Evolved and Minecraft are two that come to mind, and I love both of those games. But exploring for hours on end is not something I do in either. What NMS does present is a world worth experiencing. The size of the world, or should I say universe, is a massive gaming achievement and one that I want to experience myself.


Horizon Zero Dawn (TBA 2016)


Every E3 there seems to be one or two PS4 games that blow me away. At E3 2015, that game was Horizon Zero Dawn. A mixture of beautiful environments, robotic dinosaurs, and a sneaky bow-wielding heroine make this is a must play for me. On top of that the gameplay really gives off a Tomb Raider vibe for me. Yes there’s a female protagonist but the bow, stealth, and open-world aspects are very similar as well. If I could only choose one game from this list, this would be it.


Uncharted 4 (May, 2016)


My only experience with the Uncharted series was during a brief period when I owned a PS3. At the time I picked up three games: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Call of Duty 4, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots. MGS 4 was my primary focus as I’m a huge fan of the series (thank god MGS V was on Xbox One), but I dabbled with Uncharted a little after I was done. At this point, the game looks much more polished and refined from the original. The series has come into its own and I’d very much like to give it another shot.


The Tomorrow Children (TBA 2016)


The Tomorrow Children? Yes, The Tomorrow Children. This is by far one of the most bizarre games I’ve ever seen. Essentially you are living in a world where two political factions are at war. One of those ideologies being communism, which forms a lot of the strict rules of the game such as standing in line before you can access shops. Your goals include building up your town by harvesting resources, finding missing residents to increase the population, becoming a resident yourself allowing you to vote, killing giant monsters, and far more ridiculously sounding activities in this strangely interesting game.


Nier Automata (TBA 2016)


For some reason in 2010 I decided to rent this game called Nier. I really didn’t know much about it and frankly, even now, It doesn’t strike me as my typical game. But against all odds I ended up having a great time with it. Outside of a few miscellaneous fighting sequences my most vivid memories of the game include farming rare plants, hunting for black pearls, and searching for eagles eggs. This game was a serious grind for the old achievement hunter in me, but for some reason I enjoyed it. The announcement of the sequel came as a shock. Never did I think that random old RPG I played would actually get a sequel. But here we are. I can’t wait to see what Automata brings to the table.


The Witness (January, 2016)


I bet you’re thinking I loved Braid right? Well you’d be wrong. I’ve never even played it. The Witness simply looks like an awesome puzzle game. The art style is the most striking feature, but the open and connected world filled with puzzles is what peaks my interest the most. This would be a first of a kind game for me.


The Forest (TBA 2016)


I’ve always wanted good survival games to play. It just sucks that most of the good ones are PS4 or PC exclusive. The Forest is one of the prime examples of this booming trend of survival games. It features crafting, scavenging, and exploration all in the name of surviving in a deadly forest filled with wild inhabitants. Not to mention the game looks visually stunning.


Infamous Second Son (March 2014)


Still one of the best looking open-world games of this generation. inFAMOUS Second Son reminds me of a more polished and fun Prototype. Not to mention the Last Light expansion looks to be a nice addition to the game. It’s been a while since I’ve played a chaotic open-world game like this, inFAMOUS would nicely fill that void.


The Talos Principle (October, 2015)


The Talos Principle reminds me of Pneuma: Breath of Life. That is if Pneuma had better graphics, a narrator that wasn’t annoying, and complex puzzles that didn’t revolve around your camera position. Talos Principle looks to be a game that hits all the right notes. The puzzles are mostly based on lasers, mirrors, and other devices to progress to the next area. I’ve wanted to play this game ever since it launched on PC. If I get a PS4… this would be one of the first I’d play.


Manifold Garden (TBA 2016)


Another puzzler, but this is one with an insane visual appeal and mechanics reminiscent of games like Portal, Qube, and other favorites of mine. I’ve been watching this game ever since it was originally titled Relativity. The puzzle mechanics focus on gravity, allowing the player to turn walls into floors and vice versa. The world itself is a puzzle in this game. One look at the image above and you can tell this is going to be a mind boggling puzzler!

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