5 Take-Two Announcements I Want To See at E3 2016

With the recent announcement that Take-Two will be heading to E3 2016 in a “big way”, speculation has started to rise on exactly what they plan on announcing. Here are 5 games not named Red Dead Redemption 2 that I want to see announced!

Bully 2


Easily one of the most underrated Rockstar Games to date. Bully is an awesome open-world game set in a private school. There’s been nothing like it since. I would love to see what Rockstar would do with a sequel for current generation consoles. Especially considering Scholarship Edition released in 2006!

Max Payne 4


All the talk surrounding Remedy’s upcoming shooter Quantum Break, and I’m just sitting here dreaming of one of their old IP’s: Max Payne. Although the series is now headed up by Rockstar, the Max Payne franchise is still the top dog when it comes to slow-mo action. If Rockstar were to continue their trend of stunning visuals, beautiful and varied scenery, memorable soundtracks, and great gameplay set by Max Payne 3, a sequel would be very welcomed!

Literally Any Console Announcement for the Civilization Series


Firaxis is one of the leading strategy game developers in the industry, largely thanks to the Civilization franchise. But there has been very little love shown to the console market. Civilization Beyond Earth was released at the end of 2015 and Civilization Revolution 2 was released for mobile platforms. If Take-Two and Firaxis announced literally anything related to the franchise for consoles, I would be ecstatic.

XCOM 2 Console Port


Oh hey, Firaxis’ other huge strategy franchise. Again, XCOM had it’s chance on consoles with Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within, and The Bureau. But this is XCOM 2 we’re talking about here! It’ll be different this time Firaxis, I promise we’ll buy your game! On a serious note though, it isn’t impossible. XCOM 2 is sitting at a 88/100 on Metacritic and sold a reported 500,000 copies in its first week. I think they can spare a port.



A long shot for sure, but GTA V fans have been craving a true singleplayer DLC since the game released. One of the best games of last generation and yet all we’ve received is multiplayer updates. It’s sad that Rockstar has put all their eggs in the microtransaction bucket. Can’t we at least get one!?!?

What other Take-Two announcements would you want to see at E3 2016? Bioshock Collection? What about a new Borderlands? Sound off in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “5 Take-Two Announcements I Want To See at E3 2016

  1. A new Manhunt with all the gore, I’d even take a Manhunt 1 and 2 remaster at 1080p/60fps with first person mode. A new Midnight club would be welcomed for sure. Also I would love to see a Warriors remaster as well.


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