Electronic Super Joy Review

Electronic Super Joy is hardcore platformer in the style of Super Meat Boy. Set in a very stylized world with matching electronic music, is this the type of game that will make you rage quit? Or will the visuals and music keep reeling you back in? Read on to find out!

Developer: Michael Todd
Publisher: LOOT Interactive
Release Date: January 20th, 2016
Platform: Xbox One
Copy provided by publisher

“WARNING. May Cause Seizures! Also, Motion Sickness! Tons of Crude Language! Pixelated Violence and Murder! Sexual Content! Blasphemy!”

The line above is presented before any gameplay proceeds and it immediately sets the tone of this crazy game!  The story is as follows: you are seeking revenge… for your stolen butt.


The game features over 50 levels of various difficulty modifiers, color palates, and entrancing tunes. As a platformer, you start out by simply proceeding towards the end of the level. Jumping over obstacles, avoiding enemies, and the usual platformer mechanics are quickly overshadowed after the first few levels.

With each world features a unique modifier that poses players with a new challenges. One world, for example, features world rotation. A feature that turns the world on its side while your controller layout remains constant. Other worlds focus on barrages of missiles chasing the player that kill on contact.

The Xbox One version also contains extra bonus levels and the Micro-Hell DLC pack. A few of these levels utilize familiar mechanics in a playful way. One such level mixes a pure black and white visual contrast with platforms being one color and the world being the other. Another sees players dodging multiple, synchronized turrets.

But what really makes Electronic Super Joy stand out are the visuals and soundtrack. Visually, the game is very appealing to look at. With bright shades of pink, red, blue, and other color taking the center stage. And the soundtrack…. The difference between ESJ and say, Super Meat Boy, is that the soundtrack will keep you playing the game. It’s easy to stop playing a difficult platformer after failing a section multiple times in a row. But with ESJ, I could simply set the controller down and blast the music for a minute or two instead of rage quitting.

Electronic Super Joy is a fantastic mixture of colorful levels, hardcore platforming, and a soundtrack that doesn’t quit. An indie game with style, flair, and humor rolled into one. Even though it’s only the beginning of the year, you would be hard pressed to find a better platformer in 2016.

+ Colorful Levels
+ Hardcore Platforming
+ Soundtrack

Score: 9/10

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