I Fear For “Destiny 2”

What a mess.

As the two year anniversary of Destiny looms over the horizon, Bungie has yet to lay out any plans for the rest of 2016. But this comes to little shock for those of us that have been following the games progression since the 2014 release. Bungie has consistently proven that they are incapable of setting, executing, and communicating their plans. With the way things have been going, I fear for “Destiny 2”.

There are many factors that contribute to my reasoning yet two stand out among the rest: Live Events and Bungie themselves.

The Live Events are a neat addition to Destiny that add new content in a timely manner. The problem is that they appear to be replacing true DLC packs. Not to mention the addition of micro-transactions. There’s a theory I’ve had about Destiny: House of Wolves and The Dark Below horribly under-performed in terms of sales and player retention. If this theory is true, it stands to reason that Live Events are Bungie’s answer to that problem. Live Events are both cheaper and quicker to develop, and have the added benefit of allowing players to spend two or even three times as much as they would compared to a regular DLC pack.

Yet there is one very large problem with Bungie’s plan: none of it matters if the Live Events aren’t enough to keep players coming back. That fact becomes exponentially worse if you include the fact that Bungie has yet to lay out any plans for the rest of the year. Sure there have been rumblings of a large DLC to be released around summer time. But what about after that? What about this Fall? Will there be a full release of Destiny 2? Will there be another large expansion similar to The Taken King? Or will we simply be forced to settle with Live Events, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner until Bungie gets their shit together? I fear it may be the latter.


Bungie has proven that they cannot stick to a plan. You remember that 10 year plan? That was thrown out the window the second Destiny released one year after it was supposed to. Even disregarding that fact, in such a volatile environment such as Destiny, a set-in-stone plan that spans 10 years is utterly ridiculous.

What Bungie needs to do is scale down their thinking because obviously they have trouble deciding what will be released next month let alone eight years from now. But let’s look at a few facts:

  • The original Destiny was scraped thanks to development issues
  • House of Wolves and The Dark Below are suspected of being cut original content
  • The Taken King releases at the end of 2015
  • Live Events become the norm in 2016
  • Bungie stays silent on the future of the game

If this were any other game I’d expect a full sequel at the end of 2016. If this were any other game I’d expect the mistakes of the first to be rectified. If this were any other game I’d expect the issues of 2013 to not affect 2016. But this isn’t any other game. This isn’t any other developer. This is Destiny and Bungie we’re talking about and boy does the future look bleak.

“Ah fuck this shit.”

The simple thought of a full blown sequel excites me. Sure Bungie had a rough patch the first time around, but now they’ve learned from that right? This time they would make a long, compelling, and non-repetitive story. This time they would add double the amount of strikes and raids. A new sequel could add new exotics, new multiplayer maps, new modes, new classes, new sub-classes, new EVERYTHING!

But for some reason, that idea is a pipe dream. What the hell am I thinking. I’m a crazy person to think that would ever happen. No, no Bungie will simply create another expansion so that the small yet loyal fan base will be able to continue doing whatever the hell it is they do nowadays. An expansion frees Bungie from the burden of creating enough content for a full release. Instead they can make just one new location, re-skin enemies like the Taken, add only a few new multiplayer maps and modes, add only one new sub-class per class, and zero new classes. Why in the hell wouldn’t they want that?

At this time, with this game, and these developers: I fear for “Destiny 2”.


4 thoughts on “I Fear For “Destiny 2”

  1. fear?im ready for it.destiny is still one of the most popular games on console and has sold more then most pc games.yes i burned out on destiny my self.its still a great game tho.i cant wait to see how destiny 2 unfolds.


    1. Oh trust me, I’m excited at the thought of a full sequel. I think it could be amazing. What I’m afraid of is that Bungie will somehow screw it up and not learn from their mistakes.


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