10 Open World Games To Look Forward To

The trend toward open world games seems to be entwined with the progression of technology. As systems get more powerful, developers hope to meet the rising demands by expanding the worlds of their games. It’s safe to say open world games are only going to get more popular in the years ahead.

Here are 10 Open World games to look forward to!

Ghost Recon Wildlands (Ubisoft, TBA)


Announced at E3 2015, Ghost Recon Wildlands is setup to be Ubisoft’s next big hit. As one of the pillars of the Tom Clancy brand, this iteration is taking full advantage of current generation consoles. Set in modern-day Bolivia, Wildlands features an open world set with a dynamic day/night weather and day/night system, and nine different terrains. Available for solo play with AI or up to four-player cooperative multiplayer. This definitely feels like the most ambitious Ghost Recon to date.


Crackdown 3 (Microsoft, 2016)


Originally titled Crakdown and labeled as a reboot, Crackdown 3 now has a new name (thankfully) and city to explore. The most touted new feature of Crackdown 3 is the destructibility thanks to the power of cloud computing. However it was clarified in an article by Gamespot that the large-scale destruction is limited to the multiplayer component of the game. Meaning that the singleplayer (including multiplayer coop) will have a much smaller scale of destruction. Either way, fans of the series should be satisfied with loading up a new agent in the games unique orb and level system.


Mafia 3 (2K, 2016)


Mafia 3 follows the story of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran, and his pursuit of revenge against the Italian mob in New Orleans. As a veteran, Lincoln uses his combat skills to perform brutal takedowns, pull of ambidextrous shooting, and build a criminal empire of his own. I loved the style and feel of Mafia 2, and this sequel looks to take what was great about the franchise and expand upon it.


Far Cry Primal (Ubisoft, Feb. 2016)


Personally, I haven’t really enjoyed a Far Cry game since Far Cry 2. With Primal, Ubisoft is finally taking the series off the Far Cry 3 track and trying something new. Set in pre-historic times, the use of guns and vehicles are completely removed. Replaced instead with bows, arrows, and plenty of large creatures roaming the land. The ability to tame some of these creatures, such as a saber-tooth, is a key gameplay element of Primal. Although there will surely be a pre-historic tower to climb, Primal has at least broken the mold of the last two entries.


Horizon Zero Dawn (Sony, 2016)


One of the most stunning games to get announced at E3 2015. Unlike Far Cry Primal, this game is set 1000 years in the future where robotic dinosaurs have taken over the planet. The remaining humans have reverted to a more primitive style of life now that civilization has been abandoned. The main protagonist, Aloy, needs to harvest the resources from these creatures to survive. The game features numerous means of combat, stealth, and also a crafting system. The RPG elements are said to be a mixture of Assassin’s Creed and Skyrim.


The Division (Ubisoft, Mar. 2016)


One of the biggest roller-coaster rides Ubisoft has ever produced. From the original E3 2013 announcement, to the delay of May 2014, and the second delay of May 2015. Now, nearly two years after the originally planned release, The Division is finally ready to launch. With the three pillar of “Online, Open World, RPG”, The Division has drawn a lot of comparisons to Destiny. Yet I’m still not convinced that a game with mere modern weapons (Ak47, Glock 19, MP5, etc.) can satisfy any loot craving. What would be the difference between one Ak47 and another? A few extra damage points and a different rarity color? At the very least I think The Division will be a fun cooperative, multiplayer shooter. As far as a loot game, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Square Enix, Aug. 2016)


Adam Jenson returns with the sequel to the 2011 standout Human Revolution. In Mankind Divided, core features such as the ability to choose your own playstyle, consequence-based decisions, and open world missions to play as you see fit. With new abilities and weapons, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided looks to be one the best entries to the series.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (EA, May 2016)


A cult classic by Battlefield developer DICE, Mirror’s Edge was loved by many despite its sales numbers. Eight long years later, the studio has finally decided to give Faith another chance. This time around Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will feature an open world for players to explore, complete with puzzles, side-activities, trials, and races. The use of guns have alos been completely removed. The pure focus on parkour and quick melee attacks will surely delight fans of the series. As one of my absolute favorite games of last generation, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst looks to be even better.


No Man’s Sky (Hello Games, June 2016)

No Man’s Sky is easily the most ambitious game to date. Period. It’s hard to argue that fact when a game features over 18 quintillion planets (a number so foreign the text editor thinks it’s spelled wrong!). Players are able to discover and transmit their finding to a universal database called The Atlas. This is one shared world, where you will be pressed to happen by another player. The criticism with No Man’s Sky has long been the same: what do you do? I tend to share the same concern but with a game this ambitious, it needs to be played regardless.


Homefront The Revolution (Deep Silver, May 2016)


Homefront The Revolution has seen its fair share of development hell thanks to financial issues with THQ and Crytek. At long last the game is ready to release and is still being run on the CryEngine. The gameplay focuses on guerrilla warfare as you lead a group of resistance fighters. The open-world nature of the game is a perfect setup to wage hit-and-runs, ambushes, and infiltration. Between missions you can recruit civilians to your cause, establish bases and safehouses, capture weapons stashes, and build up your arsenal. Also playable in four-player cooperative mode, Homefront The Revolution looks to be one of the sleeper hits of the year.


Those are 10 open world games to look forward to in the near future. Which are you most excited for? I can’t wait for Ghost Recon Wildlands and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst! Sound off in the comments below.

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