Ark: Survival Evolved Mock Achievement List

After playing Ark: Survival Evolved on the Xbox One Game Preview for what seems like forever, I can’t help but wonder what the achievements will be like when the full game launches. So instead of waiting, I’ve written my own mock achievement list! This list covers nearly every aspect of the game and gives players and incentive to try all that Ark offers. I’ve written these with the Xbox One in mind, but they could all be easily applied to Steam and PS4 as well.

I will continue to update this list as more features get released and the official launch nears. Comment below on any achievement you would like to see implemented and I’ll add them!

All achievements must be unlocked with default server settings. PvE, PvP, Private, or otherwise (unless specified) does not matter as long as the settings are factory default. Once a setting is changed (such as Harvesting Rate or Damage Multiplier) a notification will pop-up stating achievements will become void if you continue.

Achievement Name
– Description
– Extra information on how the achievement unlocks

Update 1:
– Changed “Mother Nature is a…”
– Added assist kill for “Apex Predator”
– Added “The First of Many” and “Ark Explorer”

Alpha Hunter

– Kill every Alpha creature
– includes assist kills among tribe members.

Collect Them All

-Complete the dossier

Veteran Survivor

– Reach the top player level (pvp or pve)

Blood Thirsty

– Kill 5 players in an official pvp server
– Does not count friendly fire on tribe-mates.

Apex Predator

-Kill or Tame a Giganotosaurus
– Counts for tribe members nearby when tame is completed, and assist kill.

Master Tamer

– Obtain 20 (or more) bonus levels during the taming process

Farmer Bob

– Successfully grow one of each seed
– Includes all berries, Plant Species X, and crops.

Dodo Egg Scramble

– Eat one of each egg
– Could possibly discount the Giganotosaurus egg

Cave Raider

– Collect one of each Artifact
– Players must individually remove each artifact from the loot crate for credit.

Monster Hunter

– Summon and kill the Broodmother
– Counts for any nearby tribe member that damaged the boss.
– Change to kill every boss if other bosses are added.

Cute But Vicious

– Successfully breed a baby to maturity
– Counts for non-mammals and mammals
– Counts for any nearby tribe members once the baby reaches maturity

What’s This?

– Open every level beacon


– Craft any 5 recipes

Head Chef

– Craft all recipes

T-Rex Steak

– Craft a custom recipe

For Science!

– Consume human feces

Well… Why Not?

– Consume large animal feces

Brain Power

– Kill a creature with any firearm

We Have Lights!

– Setup a generator to power a Lamppost or Omnidirectional Lamppost


– Stand next to an Air Conditioner in the snow biome

Deep Sea Diving

– Reach the seabed in full Scuba Gear

Mother Nature is a…

– Get affected by every status effect at least once
– Includes hypothermia, hyperthermia, poison, encumbered, etc.

Strength In Numbers

– Create or join a tribe

Surviving In Style

– Dye any item

Look What I Found!

– Apply any skin


– Harvest one of every organic resource
– Angler gel, chitin, keratin, megalodon tooth, sauropod vertebra, etc.


– Harvest one of every natural resource
– Oil, stone, flint, wood, thatch, berries, crystal, etc.

Stone Age

– Craft and place any stone structure
– Includes foundation, wall, door, doorframe, ceiling, etc.

Iron Age

– Craft and place any metal structure
– Includes foundation, wall, door, doorframe, ceiling, etc.

Jurassic Cowboy

– Ride every creature
– Includes all creatures with saddles and creatures that don’t require saddles (direwolf, etc.)

The First of Many

– Unlock you first Engram

Ark Explorer

– Visit every biome
– Snow, Desert, Swamp, etc.









2 thoughts on “Ark: Survival Evolved Mock Achievement List

  1. Ive done most but does it matter if you change any setting like never eating or anything like that will that stop me from getting achievments?


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