Ark: How The North Was Won

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Xbox (why aren’t you!), then you would know that I’ve been deep in Ark Survival Evolved since the release a few weeks ago. I started off playing PvE and have since been playing nothing but PvP. The game is amazing, and it’s exactly what I thought it would be. However, there are a lot of tools and mechanics that seem more suited for PvP.

The tribe I’m in is called the Survivors and yesterday was all out war. Here’s the story of how the North was won (well not really).

Looking at the map below our tribe is out to control The Whitesky Peak, better known as “the ice” and “the snow”. Currently two tribes control the ice: ours and another called Brethren. Both tribes were at peace and shared the ice but it turns out the Brethren were going around to other tribes on the server and spreading lies about us. After talking with the two other major tribes on our server and setting things straight, everyone was out for the Brethren.

Fast forward to a few days later and one of those major tribes informed us that they were planning on taking out the Brethren. They also informed us that if they were the ones to do the heavy lifting, they wanted the territory for themselves. Since we want to control the ice, and only the ice, we decided to hit them first. Initially things started with negotiations that I was not apart of. I assume the talks were to have the Brethren peacefully move off the ice along with their refusal to do so. So two of our members went to their base, rocketed one guy, and got one of our Argentavis’ (big Eagle) killed along with one of theirs.


It wasn’t what I would have done, but hey that’s what happened. After that it was all out war. I focused my efforts on nothing other than supplies. We setup auto turrets around the base, we crafted ammo and guns, and most importantly explosives. Lots of explosives. After our initial attack the Brethren started to cry for help in the games global chat. A few other tribes were sympathetic to their cause as we tend to fuck with a lot of people (it is PvP after all). But the bigger tribes knew that they were full of shit and didn’t help.

The funny thing was, as they were crying for help and giving away the coordinates to their base, we weren’t even over there. We were all at our base preparing. One instance of aid came from a tribe called Defiant. At an outpost we have in a mountain, one of their members attempted to fly by and scout the area. I was inside the outpost at the time and heard the Plant Species X (plant turret) shooting at something. So I quickly ran outside and saw him land nearby. I always carry a rifle with a little ammo so I quickly took aim and shot his mount. He scurried away as the plant turret kept firing. I’m not too sure what happened, but his Pterandon (Pterodactyl) started to fly straight at the turret without him on it. My best guess is that he jumped off and his mount was set to neutral so it attacked back. Well let’s just say the plant turrets are badass and it didn’t go so well for his bird. I scoured the outpost looking for either him or his body and didn’t find anything. At the very least I think that failed attempt was the last aid Defiant would send.

Later on, while we were building up the base, I spotted a boat right under our main base. It was a sneak attack. In Ark, once fighting starts everyone starts yelling over each other in a frenzied panic. The boat was small with two plant turrets on top. We decided to use a rocket to attempt to blow it up. It didn’t work. One issue Ark has is that shooting near a cliff will often result in your bullet hitting the cliff instead of your target, even with a clear line of sight. So the rocket hit part of our building and damaged it. We set back up and this time decided to carry the rocket guy on an eagle so he could have a clear line of sight. The boats were made of stone and the rocket didn’t do much other than destroy one of the plant turrets. Honestly C4 seems like the way to go for blowing shit up.


After that a second boat appeared. This one was larger and had four plant turrets on top. Before we could do anything they started moving away from underneath our base and towards the beach area across the water. Here’s where things get interesting. We had one C4 detonator and a few C4 explosives. I took off all my gear (armor, weapons, food, tools, everything) and grabbed two C4 and the detonator. I jumped on our Sarco (huge crocodile) and headed for the water. Their boats were out far enough that I was able to dive underwater undetected. I swam right underneath one of the boats, jumped off the Sarco, planted two C4 on the underside of the raft, jumped back on the Sarco and blew that mother sky high. The entire boat exploded and the raft sank to the bottom of the ocean.

There was one guy on the boat who fell into the water after the explosion. I attempted to kill him with the Sarco but I was near death from the ice water due to the fact that I was naked. So I left him and got back to base as fast as possible. I ended up dying from the freezing temperature but I got the detonator and Sarco back safely. It was pure 007 shit I tell you. At some point during all this, the leader of their tribe (either the one in the water or someone on the other boat) decided to get off and run towards our base. A few of our slackers were very slow to respond but one of our guys started taking potshots at him to keep him occupied. So I quickly put my gear back on (you’re naked when you spawn), jumped on one of our many Sabretooths, flanked and killed him in a few swipes.

It was pretty much all quiet after that for a while. One of our guys flew to their base and started sniping them. One of their guys snuck to our base and planted spike walls outside. Now it was finally time to strike. We were ready to hit them with our full force. We took two T-Rexes, three Sabretooths, one Direwolf, one Spinosaur, one Pterandon, one Mammoth, and one Megaloceros (big elk). The trip there was a mess. The Spino got stuck in a patch of ice water trying to kill, get this, one of their Spinos that was stuck in the water. So we abandoned it and ran back for a third T-Rex. Further along the trip we had two people crash and one get disconnected from the server. Finally after all that headache we made it to their base.


The way their base is setup is like a big square with a few smaller squares inside, and each wall had a gate. Most of us had already gotten a look at their base and knew there would be two problems: their plant turrets and their level 90+ T-Rex. When we first rolled up to the base one of their guys was on the T-Rex right outside the outer gate. We swarmed him with everything we had and let me tell you, this fucker was STRONG. It took all we had to kill him. Somewhere in the fight the Megaloceros and one Sabre got killed. We all stopped to heal the dinos. Next up were the gates and plant turrets. We used two rockets to take out a tower that had two or three plant turrets on top. They also had plants turrets straight ahead of us on a wall and another tower to the right. Both of which were too far to shoot at us from our position. Then we used a suicide bomber to destroy two gates. The way this works is you have one guy take off all his gear, throw some C4 on him, and have him run right up to whatever it is you want to blow up. We also had an outpost nearby to spawn at.

Then the firefight ensued. Us on the outside and two of their guys on the inside. One of our T-Rex was standing in the wide open, dead center. One of their guys opened a door and lit him up with an Assault Rifle. I quickly jumped on him and moved him to safe cover. Then one of our guys whistled (a way to remotely make a tamed creature follow you) and accidentally called the T-Rex along with his mount. The Rex ran straight into their base and proceeded to get destroyed by plant turrets as well as the two enemies shooting guns. It just so happened to be our highest level Rex and the one I rode over there. So fuck it, I ran into the base, jumped on the Rex, and slowly ran him out. The plant turrets slow you down considerably so it was a pain to get him out. After that it was a steady sniper fight with of our our guys getting the best of them.

With full access to their inner base, myself and two others jumped on the fast mounts we still had. I got on the Direwolf while they took two Sabres. The three of us made a B-Line for that third inner gate the was just blown up. Inside was a pen full of their tamed dinos. They were set to neutral, which means they won’t attack unless provoked, but one guy on the Sabre attacked right away so there goes that. We all started attacking like crazy. There had to have been at least 10 creatures in there. In the frenzy all I remember was a few Sabres, a few wolves, two scorpions, a frog, a Doedicurus, and one eagle. To put things in perspective, the wolf I was on was over level 100 and it was very close to dying after we killed everything. The Doedicurus is a strong little bastard. Anytime it gets close to dying it simply balls up in its shell and can no longer take any damage. The only way to kill it is to tranquilize it and then kill it. Well we didn’t bring enough tranq arrows for that so the thing was alive throughout the whole attack.


After that someone blew open a wall on the left outer perimeter of their base for easier access. We started busting our way through their doors, containers, everything. At some point, one of our guys spotted one of them below their base. You see, their base was situated at the top of a waterfall and below was a pool of water where, you guessed it, that second boat was parked. They must of had a bed in the boat to respawn. I ended up sniping the guy while he was trying to prone on the roof of the boat. I went back into the base and someone called out that the guy was making a run for it but got killed by a wild T-Rex. I quickly jumped on the wolf and ran down to the beach to look for his body. I found the Rex that killed him but not his body. Then I spotted him swimming in the water, presumably looking for his old body himself. I quickly killed him with the wolf and found his old body near where he was swimming. It appeared that he grabbed a bunch of valuables and tried to run because I got some great loot off him. As I was heading back up the waterfall, the boat started moving. He was making a break for it again! One of the things I picked up off him was a C4 and detonator. I was prepared to pull the same James Bond move as before but I needed someone to come and watch my wolf and gear. Well everyone was too busy looting the shit out of their base and no one got to me in time so he got away.

In the end we killed all but two of their dinos (the Dodicerus and one wolf stuck in the ground), looted or dropped all of their items, lost two dinos ourselves, and headed back to the base. I personally didn’t die once and got a few kills myself. The T-Rex I rode there and the wolf I used both survived as well. It was a crazy day and I’m sure there will be more to come. This is just the start for the battle of the North. Stay tuned to this site and my twitter for future updates, reviews, and opinion pieces!

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