30 Crazy Things We Did/Saw in MGSV: The Phantom Pain

After 100+ hours of gameplay between Bond and myself, we’ve come across a lot of ridiculous features in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. With plenty more to still experience, here are 30 crazy things we did/saw in MGSV: The Phantom Pain!

1. Slid down a hill in a cardboard box

2. Got transported via box delivery from one side of the map to the other

3. Stole a tank with the Fulton system

4. Found a cassette tape of a guy shitting…

5. Called in a support chopper that was blasting “She Blinded Me With Science”

6. Made an enemy filled truck spin out by driving into horse poop

7. Shot at enemies with a water pistol

8. Stealthy extracted a prisoner while listening to “Kids of America”

9. Captured approximately 233 bats

10. Took down a legendary brown bear

11. Practiced my hide and seek shooting skills at the Mother Base

12. Punched my own soldier and was thanked for it

13. Watched D-Dog kill a man with a knife between his teeth

14. Listened to Quiet hum for 18 hours

15. Did exactly what Miller advised not to 23 times

16. Tranquilized an enemy face down in a puddle of water… he died

17. Knocked out an enemy by calling in a supplies drop

18. Got shot by Quiet after hitting her with a Jeep

19. Had a bucket of water thrown on me after returning to Mother Base smelly

20. Trained with Doom Panther, Bastard Crab, Sadistic Slug, and Bullet Dingo

21. Sniped the tire of a vehicle, knocking out the driver and passenger

22. Fultoned a Jeep with a prisoner tied up in the back…. with no seat belt

23. Tranquilized and fultoned an Eagle

24. Built a silenced, non lethal, sniper rifle with a variable zoom scope

25. Smoked an electronic cigar in the middle of the battlefield to pass the time

26. Knocked myself out with a supply drop

27. Imagined Jack Bauer every time Big Boss spoke

28. Fought against a child solider commander… and beat his ass

29. Colored D-Dog white and gave him a prosthetic eye. His new name is Ghost

30. Read the name Hideo Kojima 164 times

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